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Onsite Corvette Washing and Detailing

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Do you own a corvette and live in Bowling Green? Or are simply traveling through, going to an upcoming event? Well, you are in luck. At Elite Detailing we provide an actual on-site car wash and detailing setup, just for corvettes. Either at one of the main hotels or the corvette museum, you can find our set-up.

We carry the best chemicals around and try our best to treat your car like it should be. Like a king or queen, get the point. Other places will just treat your car like any other. We treat it like gold. We are familiar with what corvette owners are looking for in a car wash and detail. We are known through the corvette owners, hotels, and hosts around Bowling Green.

We use waxes like Zaino's Brothers, Klasse, Adam's Polishes, Griot's Garage, P21, Race Glaze on corvettes. Some cars receive a polish or glaze before waxing. Corvette owners, if you are looking for the right place for your car while on vacation. Look no more.

Appointments can be made in advance for your car to be cleaned. You can find us a Corvette Forum, Corvette Homecoming, Z06 fest, and various other events in Bowling Green for Corvettes. We can be reached by 1- 270-320-6176.