Quality Automotive Detailing the Way It Should Be

Garage Front View With Luxury Car

Elite Packages

Package 1

Typical Detail

From $149.99

This is a detail most commonly done to cars, for those customers that do not feel they need elite style treatment, or for our special elite customers that have already received the elite style. The interior gets vacuumed, blown out, shampooed and dressed. Leather conditioner is not included. Next, the exterior is washed, dressed, and the windows are cleaned. Also, the engine is pressure washed cleaned.

Rear View of a Blue Car
Red Luxury Car Style Detail

Package 2

Elite Style Detail

From $199.99

This is where we start making your automobile look better than you bought it or the last guy that detailed it. It takes about 4-5 hours no matter what. The automobile is first washed, then cleaned with a paint cleaner/polish, maybe glazed if needed, then sealed with a Teflon sealant that lasts 6-12 months. Now the car is washed again to remove polish from the cracks. Next, we apply elite style treatment to the interior by vacuuming, blowing, brushing out all cracks, cleaning from top to bottom, and then conditioning with a good dressing or leather conditioner. Finally, we dress the engine, wheel wells, and tires before waxing the paint including door jams, windows, and wheels for an outstanding look.

The Best Package 3

Elite Style

From $249.99

First, the automobile is washed. With this package, we treat the automobile with a clay bar to remove any contaminants, industrial fallout, rail dust, paint overspray, and etc from the paint. Next, we mask the complete automobile, remove license plate and anything else needed. Then we precede with a complete buff job to remove minor scratches and scuffs done to the paint. Before polishing the car we wash it again. Now we polish with a da, then polish/glaze with an orbital to remove all swirls. A Teflon sealant is then applied. The masking is then pulled off before we approach the interior. While the interior is done mostly the same as the elite style package, more attention is placed on crevices with a brush. The very best dressings and conditioners are used. Finally we polish the windows and wheels before we wax them and the paint. This job takes eight to ten hours.